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Individualized Care for Senior Living 

We understand there may come a time when it becomes difficult to live independently in one’s own home. Some folks find they require more care than is provided in an assisted living situation, but not enough care that would require a skilled nursing facility. It is a heavy burden to find the right place for mom or dad. This is where Sunshine Adult Family Homes is the perfect solution.

Each resident has an individually established care plan. Homes are staffed by certified nursing caregivers 24/7 and an on-site facility director is available to assist and respond as needed. Nursing delegation is available in all of our homes.

Daily living and care needs are handled personally by our staff. Medication management is provided by our staff. For residents’ prescription needs, our contracted pharmacy provides delivery services at no additional cost, so there is no need for the family to pick up medications. We provide specialty and medical services from our sister agency, Sunshine Home Health.

Residences and Amenities

Sunshine Adult Family Homes are one of our newer facilities. It is a community of four beautifully furnished homes that feature private and semi-private rooms. Each of the four homes accommodate only 6 non-smoking residents. This provides our residents with more personalized care while feeling safe and comfortable while enjoying a family-like setting Sunshine Adult Family Homes provides home-cooked meals and snacks (special diets accommodated), house cleaning, laundry assistance, and beautiful common areas.

These homes feature cable TV, phone, wireless internet, and accessible outdoor areas to experience all the four seasons. Shared or private rooms include large, walk-in closets and private bathrooms. Access to living spaces is on one level so residents can access private rooms, the kitchen, and living room without having to worry about going up or down the stairs.

We tailor fun daily activities for individuals and groups that encourage residents to build relationships and be active. Our desire is to ensure our residents have a life that is fun and as full as they want it to be. Every person in our care is treated with compassion, respect, and dignity.

Licensed Adult Family Homes

All Adult Family Homes are licensed by the state that they reside in. All Adult Family Home owners and their staff undergo significant training before being able to work directly with clients. Further, they must keep up with training and best practices in care by completing a minimum of 12 hours of continuing education per year this requirement may vary from state to state.

How Can We Help?

When it becomes difficult for a person to live at home on their own, or when it comes time to find a place for mom, Sunshine Adult Family Homes are here to help. We provide care and residential living for seniors reflective of a life well-lived. Call or come by Sunshine Adult Family Homes for a tour.

Sunshine Adult Family Homes
919 S Raymond Rd
Spokane Valley, WA 99206
(509) 340-9298 - Office
(509) 939-5278, New Residents

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